Age Regression – Past Life Regression

Age regression has proved invaluable in Hypnocounseling.  Its use in psychotherapy, following the work of the late internationally recognized psychiatrist, Milton Erikson, has been expanding steadily.

Regression has proved a superb vehicle for rooting out causes.  In many cases of stress or anxiety, the causing factors are unknown to the conscious mind.  But the unconscious, vastly larger and more powerful, is the seat of all memory and can bring forth from memory information and events related or pertinent to the problems at hand.

Fears and anxieties have hidden, repressed or suppressed causes, which can be ferreted out through hypnotic age regression.  Perhaps the most important factor in successful regression is the rapport between client and counselor.  Hypnotic trips into the past can encounter very sensitive and personal revelations and solid trust and comfort between the participants is essential to the achievement of goals.

Considerable attention has been given in recent years to the phenomenon of “past life regression.” Unfortunately a number of individuals, untrained in Hypnocounseling, psychology, psychiatry or related fields, present group programs in what they term “past life therapy”.  But the trained professional can resolve many problems and issues using this type of therapeutic procedure.

Such professionals usually do not claim that experience recalled in such regression is necessary valid, noting that regression could call up past fantasies, imaginings or dreams.  The consensus seems to be, however, that whether the recalled experience is real or imagined is really not significant if it solves the problem, which is often the case.

Regression, of any type, presents no particular risks in the hands of a competent and trained professional.  It can offer major advantages in revealing the source of problems, even in cases of habit control – smoking, overeating, etc.  It is usually contraindicated in cases of major medical disorders.