Sexual Performance

One of the nation’s outstanding hypnotherapists who is also a psychologist has commented that good sex is simply an erotic trance.  When the similarities between hypnosis and satisfying sex are considered, he is quite correct.  Effective hypnosis involves high focus and concentration on the matter being dealt with.  So does effective sex.  In hypnosis there is a strong response to suggestion.  In sex there is a strong response to stimulation.

Sex therapists may not know much about hypnosis.  But hypnocounselors surely need to know about sex.  From any approach the basic effort is to free clients from worries, distractions, emotions or other disturbances so as to develop a focused state of awareness.  Orgasm may well be the ultimate trance – sensations are powerful, highly concentrated to the point where other thoughts, feelings, sensations or emotions are obliterated from the mind.

When problems develop in sexual performance or enjoyment, a logical approach is (as in many other problem areas) to look for causes.  What has happened?  When did problem exist?  How did they progress?  Quite often hypnotic regression may prove revealing, locating sources of problems and indicating the appropriate therapeutic procedures to resolve them.

Hypnocounseling has proved wonderfully helpful in dealing with psychosomatic sexual problems – impotence, frigidity, etc. – and in enhancing self-esteem and confidence where necessary.  The development of a positive self-image is always an important factor in adjusting to the needs and desires of partners and achieving the ultimate in relationship security.