Study Skills

Learning Enhancement and Memory

The human mind is capable of recalling virtually any information that it desires to remember. The subconscious mind knows everything that has happened and can recall it on request whether it be memory of a past event, location of a misplaced item, material to be studied in the educational process or names, addresses, telephone numbers or other information which is needed at a specific time for a specific purpose.

Students in school can advance their scholastic standing positions to a substantial degree while acquiring habits that will provide benefits for a lifetime.

Study Habits

Both external and internal conditions affect study habits.  Among external factors are included the physical location of the study area – a location that is used constantly.  A learner who has a specific location in an area where external distraction is eliminated (no TV, record-players or radio, no running in and out by family and friends) will learn much more effectively.  Concentration is essential, and the learner should leave the designated area when concentration becomes difficult.  In any case, a five-minute break every half-hour will improve learning.  Hypnosis can be used to block out external distractions.