Weight Loss

There are many factors that contribute to the weight gain in our society.  Hypocounseling has proven to help people gain control over their weight problems and start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to keep in mind that eating is a habit that is formed very early in life.  The key to weight loss is to change the current eating habits you have.  You may be surprised at just how simple this process can be.  In order to lose weight you must be conscious of your current eating habits.

When you think about your eating habits, you must ask yourself three things..

When do I eat?
Where do I eat?
Why do I eat?

Here are some common replies to those questions and some alternative options that can drastically change the amount, frequency and types of foods you are eating.

When Do I Eat?

I eat when I am bored.

New Option:

When I am bored, I read a newspaper, a magazine, or a book.  I call a friend, go for a bike ride or a walk, go to a movie.

I eat when I am nervous.

New Option:

When I am nervous I take five minutes to close my eyes, place my thumbs and forefingers together and do my square breathing, saying to myself, “calm and relaxed” .  I jog in place, participate in some other form of physical exercise, or work on my favorite project or hobby.

I eat when I am lonely.

New Option:

When I am lonely, I telephone a friend, write a letter, run an errand, go onto the internet, run an errand for someone who needs assistance, or interact with my older neighbor who needs company.

Where do I eat?

I eat too much or snack between the office and my home.

New Option:

On my way home from work I go for a drive to a scenic spot, take a walk, shop, stop at the health club and swim.

I eat in bed.

New Option:

When I am in bed I will review my accomplishments and good qualities before going to sleep.  I will read, or make a schedule for the next day.

Why do I eat?

I treat myself to a snack or meal whenever I need a change in activity.

New Option:

If I am engaged in a sedentary activity such as sitting at my desk, I change to one which is mobile, such as doing sit-ups.  If I am engaged in an activity which is mobile, I change to one, which is sedentary, such as reading.

Here are some positive suggestions to keep in mind when focusing on achieving alternative eating habits.

  • You will feel satisfied with very small quantities of food, and these small quantities of food will satisfy you completely.
  • You will feel the strength to stay away from, and you will stay away from unhealthy foods such as sweets and starches.
  • You will have no desire to eat anything between meals or after dinner at night.  After dinner, you will have no desire to eat anything until breakfast tomorrow morning.
  • All the calories in the food you eat will be completely utilized by your body and not stored as unnecessary fat.
  • You will strictly follow the diet you prescribe for yourself, eating nothing between meals or after dinner.
  • You will eat only the foods prescribed by your diet, and when you have done this you will no longer feel hungry.  You eat only when you are hungry.  The desire to eat because you are bored or lonely no longer exists.
  • When you are bored or lonely, you do other things rather than eat.  You get up, you make a telephone call, you dust or clean, you read a book, you pay bills, etc….